Friday, July 8, 2011

Buy One or All of My Many Books

This article manifested itself when I realized I have one or more things that you all could be buying RIGHT NOW! I even called up Billy Mays, but then it turned out he was dead. Damn.

Oh, just look slightly to the right. I’m too lazy to advertise further.

That should have been the actual title, come to think of it. My basic philosophy has been that, aside from informing everybody where they can buy what I write, I should advertise my stuff to distributors (read: bookstores), after which the distributors would put the books on shelves (physical or ether) and browsing readers would stumble across books as they always have. My only real goal is to have as large as possible a section of that bookshelf devoted to my writing.

I base this, mostly, on the fact that that’s how I find books. If you actively advertise a book at me, I’ll probably not pick it up. Unless it’s awesome or has a great blurb? So keep advertising at me, I’ll buy anything.

I suck, but it'd be an awful short article if I admitted that.
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