Sunday, April 8, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 5 - Ernie Centrifuge, Private Eye

Ernie Centrifuge, Private Eye 
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A Future Darkly

Ernie Centrifuge has to pick up the case where his murdered boss left off, but to save the girl he’ll have to find his selves first.

before reading
Years ago, I wrote a ridiculously long (and terrible) version of this story while wine-drunk at a beach house, then I wrote a terrible NaNoWriMo novel-length version of it. I burned them. Once I started my Second Better Million, I rescued the characters from the fire and wrote this story. Later on, for whatever reason, I used the same character names for different characters and wrote The Tisroc Series. I’m still a little sketchy on how that happened, but whatever. It’s quite possible that “Ernie Centrifuge” is my very first (surviving) character name, so let’s see what he’s up to. Let’s read!

after reading
This story is kinda cheesy, or corny, or corn with cheese on, which is delicious. I think this is the first story where I just let my love of dialogue roam free and followed it around while it did stuff and amused me. This is a very silly story, but it’s acceptable. I really want to write a series of stories set in “LIQUOR STORE Abaissé, WINE! BEER! (& Spirits). Psychic Reading available upon request WITH PURCHASE!” now. It could be my Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon!

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Time Travel...Laterally!

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