Sunday, March 11, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 1 - Preemptive Mercy

Preemptive Mercy
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A Future Darkly

A father fights to save his daughter from a gruesome fate on an alien world.

before reading
This story just appeared one day while I was rolling around my house in a rolling chair, so I popped open my netbook and wrote it. I remember it was like a song or an epic poem, flowing out of my brain and on the page. The copy was clean and required only spell-checking. I also remember that this was the first absolute “Creative voice” story I ever wrote, with surprising—and disturbing—results.

after reading
The first thought is: I really like the ending, and the opening paragraph pops along. I use the word crypt-crèches, which is classy. I think it’s atmospheric—but the writer has the atmosphere in his head, so he can’t judge—and worth the time.

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