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Tisroc Spring (2nd edition)

The long-anticipated second electronic edition of Tisroc Spring, the first exciting novel of the Tisroc series! Reformatted for better viewing, and (slightly) revised and expanded for your reading pleasure. Presenting...
Tisroc Spring $5.99 • Amazon UK £4.29 • Amazon DE  €4.99 • Amazon FR €4.99
review copy available upon request

A technological thriller with a double shot of humor and romance: Tisroc Spring, a science fiction novel by David Barron. This novel is a convenient collection of the first three Tisroc short books in a discounted package, representing the first third of the thrilling Tisroc series!

We're just babies, making up a game...
Controlling drones mapping the surface of a forgotten Earth is a pretty sweet gig, especially since Ernie Centrifuge can work from the comfort of his computer room on the floating city of Megalopolis...but when he takes a job to survey a mysterious island, he finds himself entangled in a deadly competition for a lost and priceless treasure! With the help of his sister (a psion), her husband (a pilot), and a sarcastic lady he meets in a car accident (a police inspector), Ernie races to find out who's who in a world where no one really knows what's what.

May you live forever...
To roll anyway
Ernie Centrifuge just wants to relax with his girlfriend (a police inspector) and play with his survey drones, but when a Senator is assassinated by laser, Ernie decides that the floating city isn’t as relaxing as he would have hoped. When his sister (a psion) brings in an orphan girl who found a tantalizing map, Ernie decides to descend to the surface of a forgotten Earth. But what has he left behind on Megalopolis?

What do you call soon?
The spell of it
The New Farms on the surface of a forgotten Earth promise to feed overcrowded Megalopolis, but when two workers are killed, Inspector Benji Prajactatorix has her suspicions. She takes her boyfriend (a tech) along to check out a mysterious organic spaceship, but that leaves his sister (a psion) and her intended (a politician) still on the floating city to contend with a food shortage on the eve of Election Day.

...and once you've enjoyed this novel, anticipate the fourth short book in the Tisroc series: A little astronomy.
I decided to do up a second edition of this novel so that I could incorporate all the lessons I've learned since the first edition came out, especially about formatting. This edition looks much nicer than the previous one, and it has a much more robust table of contents. I also cleaned up a few typographical errors that generous readers pointed out (Thanks!) or that I found while doing the formatting. There's ALWAYS a typo, it's the law of the universe, but this has gone through at least five passes of editing since manuscript, not to mention the eyes of the helpful readers (Thanks again!). So it's nice and clean. Beautiful, even. A display piece.

I also knocked a dollar off the price, bringing it down to $5.99. Each short book in the Tisroc series sells for $2.99, but in the near future, I'm going to make the first book ("Play-world") free. Thus, this three-book collection is getting three short books for the price of two, and it won't screw anybody who buys this first novel early. The second novel "Tisroc Probe", will be a $4.99 collection of the next two Tisroc short books, and the final novel "Tisroc Fall", will be a $7.99 collection of three books. A dollar off for buying a collection, which is fine by me. I'll also most likely release the three novels as print books instead of eight short books...but who knows?

Confused? That's OK. We're having fun. Next out from H2NH on Amazon will be the 2nd Edition of "At the Mountains of Malapert", my Hard Science Fiction epic of lunar colonization. If you so desire, you can pick that up for $2.99 on Smashwords now for all formats and regions. It'll be available on Amazon sometime this week, and I'll make an announcement.

I'll repeat the buy links so you don't have to scroll up...
Tisroc Spring $5.99 • Amazon UK £4.29 • Amazon DE  €4.99 • Amazon FR €4.99
review copy available upon request
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