Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Forever Is Certain

in which a lede is buried
The time has come, as it often does, for self-reflection, and introduction. So, let me tell you about myself, and I’ll use small words. Or, at least, small words for me. Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m
I’m very smart. But! Smart, by itself, is not an advantage. It just means I can’t turn off my brain by myself during the boring parts of life, and O! So many parts of life are boring. What being smart means, and has meant for my whole life up until now, is that I’ve had to find ways to amuse myself above and beyond the simple pleasure of just existing. This is remarkably difficult, and I have, in the past, cheated and simulated the goal with beer and other ultimately unsatisfying forms of intoxication.
I’m very clever. But! Clever, by itself, just means that I’ve read more than you, and have a better memory, chock-full of everything I’ve read, so I have a big pool of sources to steal from, when I’m being a wit. O! And I am a wit. I’m the life of the duller sorts of party, the type where everybody talks instead of dancing. I can’t dance, since I’m clever, and know that a clever person dancing is rather letting the side down.  
I am a genius. But! Genius just means I have the right sort of mental illness, the kind that focuses me into a convenient and profitable specialty without entirely preventing me from functioning in society, so long as nobody asks too many questions. Combined with cleverness and smarts, I have to say that it makes me, while at times insufferable, also rather happy, and, for a given definition of circular, a well-rounded individual.
Smart, clever, genius, or otherwise, what I, individual, actually am—as of today—is engaged, so I’ll try not to mess it up too much. Having stumbled into happiness by pure chance, I intend to hold on tight with both hands and travel as far as I can go.
The Speech
Jirawan, I know that the world is uncertain, the economy is uncertain, life is uncertain; That is, that The Future is uncertain - but I also know that my love is certain, your love is certain; That is, that True Love is certain - and if I love you, and you love me? Our Forever is Certain. You are my property, and I will use you as I like…forever and a day, and you can never run away; Not from me, David.
I love you.
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