Jillian Nice

"Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet."

A cheerful naturalist who, between chasing butterflies and estimating the age of rocks, tells whimsical tales of depraved sex, abrupt dismemberment, lingering disease and inevitable death in a framework of utter pointlessness. Seems to be OK with that.

writes Horror

"Nine Lives to Five" - Smashwords (Free)
"Please Mother Not the Face" - Smashwords (Free)
"Don't Hell-Back, Sun"
collected in "Minute Macabre One (1)" Amazon US

Upcoming Books:

Horror from the Deep, Book 1

Horror from the Deep, Book 2

Horror from the Deep, Book 3

Fuel Stir Terror
"Survival is a rich man's game..." 

Prey Among the Stars
Space whaler, meet space shark
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