Sunday, April 15, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 6 - Time Travel...Laterally!

Time Travel...Laterally!
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A Future Darkly

A hot summer day, a group of bored teenagers, and a time machine that runs on pure bull turns out to be the recipe for a disastrous trip past the future. If by “disastrous trip”, you mean “Adventure!”

before reading
I wrote this story while I was testing a voice recognition software, but when the software turned out to be horrible, I transcribed it myself. Once I’d left out all the ums and ers, and cleaned up a few sentences that got lost in the rambles, it was surprisingly clean. I only remember adding in one paragraph, in re: the ‘time travel spindle’, because I’m bad at describing machinery impromptu. So, if you want to read how I talk when I’m just bullsh*tting my way through a story, here’s your chance...and mine!

after reading
I like how the 16-year-old protagonist and first-person viewpoint character is actually writing the story, and how I added a lot of little ‘writer-touches’ in to reflect his character voice. There’s some good stuff in here, and this counts as YA. One part suffers from a mild case of Info-Dump fever, though. Sorry about that. All in all, though, it’s a solid character-based story, and that’s Science Fantasy Romance.

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