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Science Fantasy Romance 7 - Cosmast Rhyt

Cosmast Rhyt 
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A Future Darkly

When a far-future academic wants to find a long-lost asteroid, who better to hire than a bored space wanderer looking for a way to pass his longevity? The journey proves to be just as surprising as the destination in this darkly humorous science fiction short story

before reading
I wrote the opening line of this story in a windowless hotel room, then I sat pondering it for a long, long time before I set is aside and went to the hotel bar. A month or so later, I was in a mood, and so I sat down and wrote the story. I recall that it’s pretty gloomy, ironic...but with an odd feeling of hope. Let’s see what happened.

after reading
I love this line: “Very good, then. I will know everything, S will do everything, and Rhyt: you, as usual, will go everywhere.”. This story is erudite science fiction, and fantastic. This is one of my new favorites, with some great characters and a fun fake ‘academic paper’ in there, too. I used a lot of political scientist brain on that one. I really suggest you read this one; it’s the exemplar of the Science Fiction point of the Science Fantasy Romance triangle.

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