Sunday, April 1, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 4 - Drugs are Legal, People Ain't

Drugs are Legal, People Ain’t 
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A Future Darkly

In a future where reproduction is strictly regulated, gonzo reporter Daniel Dean Harlan infiltrates a back-alley maternity ward. But will the people he meets infiltrate his cynical heart?

before reading
This is the story that crystallized Science Fantasy Romance in my mind as a genre. Written in Full Creative Mind--after seeing the phrase “gonzo futurism”, and while ridiculously drunk, and with dim memories of Hunter S. Thompson’s writing style (viz: ‘drugs’) from when I’d read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—in a matter of hours, then edited slightly more sober to make sure all the hymn lyrics were right (the Scripture was, of course, from memory), and that I hadn’t spelled gwan’ wrong, or accidentally said going to instead. I’m also reasonably certain that this is the only story of mine that my mother likes. I’ll enjoy reading this one...

after reading
“I was gwan’ have to ask her to get pregnant by me, for the purposes of journalism.” know, this’d make a pretty good movie, or a stage play. Talk to me.

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