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Born in Jacksonville, FL to loving US Navy parents, this gentle soul was then taken to Japan where he had many formative experiences, such as sushi. This was followed by a rather boring adolescence in which he read every book ever published—developing opinions on the fine distinctions between 'science fiction' and 'fantasy'—and played every computer game ever made—thus gaining an opinion on the difference between 'geek' and 'nerd'. Then he went to university, learned about politics, and became entirely insufferable. Now he writes, directs and stars in the one-man show: "Nerd, Geek and Wonk  The David Barron Experience"

David Barron has been employed in four countries (and kicked out of two): now he's going to give Thailand a try. He'll soon obtain a job in Thailand in an educational capacity while he pursues his professional writing career and romances his pretty girlfriend. You can follow his writing adventures at http://davidalbarron.blogspot.com/ (Warning: Contains Fun). For his adventures in Thailand, just buy him a beer and he'll tell you.

A writer who, by all accounts, is having a wonderful time doing what he loves, David Barron writes Science Fantasy Romance.
Tisroc Spring (Tisroc Novels 1)
Play-world (Tisroc 1)
To roll anyway (Tisroc 2)
The spell of it (Tisroc 3)
The Tisroc Series (8 short books, 3 novels)
Dragon Aces series (4 books)
Fire in Khartoum
The Gamblers of Earth & The Venereal Gentlemen
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Current Project(s)
The Zombie Crusade
in which Orthodox Constantinople, besieged by Muslims, is 'invaded' by zombies. Ecumenicism ensues in mutual defense of brrrrrains. A historical zombie survival horror novel.


Around and 'round the mulberry bush,
The monkeys chased the future,
The monkeys thought 'twas all in fun...
Pop Goes The Future
A Novel of the Apocalypse

Contact: DavidalBarron [at] gmail [dot] com
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