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Five Year Plan

My gig in Thailand is about to end, so I just had to sit down and think out The Future, because it seems pretty complicated. It's not that confusing, though, now that I've worked it out. It may not be very interesting, but we like it, and it's my blog. I'll probably expand on it via edits for a while, and make a graphic for the side panel so everybody can reference it in the future. Enjoy!

The way I see it, plans should be flexible, but goals should be hard to change. I've made a convenient list of goals, then extrapolated a comprehensive plan therefrom. I've pseudonym'd my girlfriend, by the by.

Five Year Goals

• H2NH ePub has at least 20 books, ergo a certain level of income.
• David lives in Thailand, stable (viz. work visa, solid contract).
• David owns a condominium or townhouse, good location (prob. Ubon Ratchathani).
• David has Tammy Toom, and vice versa. cf.:
Tammy Toom in Thailand
(artist's representation)
The Official Unchangeable* Five Year Plan for The Known Future
by David Barron
*except when changed
Bold Milestones
Brown Travel
Blue MBA
Red H2NH ePub
Pink Tammy Toom
; comments

Year One (2012) (2555) I'm 28

Q1 2012 (January/February/March)
Book Project A

; Proceeding at the rate of at least 1000 words per day (that is to say, one hour of work per day) will result in at least four books per year. Other projects may be attempted on the side.

; I'll label the Projects when I know what titles I'm writing.

Leave Thailand (April)
Tammy Toom starts waiting! 

; She's cool with it. We're simple people, and a stable couple. We'll make a romantic blog.

Q2 2012 (April/May/June)
Book Project B

University of North Florida
Fall Term 2012 (August-December)
MBA eBiz (48 credits total)
12 credits prerequisites
• BUL3130 3 Legal Environment of Business
• ECO5115 3 Introduction Economic Analysis
• FIN5405 3 Essentials of Managerial Finance
• MAN5036 3 Fundamental Mgmt/Marketing

; I'm getting this MBA, concentrating in eBusiness, for two reasons:
(1) I'm running a small business on the Internet, and I want to see what I can learn about that. I know it's publishing, and I've got my The Copyright Handbook, but it can't hurt. If I have to do a fancy project, I'll make the H2NH ePub online store.
(2) Because upon consultation with various experts, the easiest way to live long-term in Thailand is if you have an MBA and are willing to teach university. I need that visa, guys! Bonus: I'll actually be qualified as a professor, at the same level as my Thai colleagues, instead of being hired as a White Guy Lecturer.

; I'm going to the University of North Florida because it's where I did my Political Science undergrad, and I know I can afford it without being esp. indebted. I can work from my house in Jacksonville.

; I'll probably do an MBA blog, as well. Just to keep myself organized.

Q3 2012 (July/August/September)
Book Project C

Q4 2012 (October/November/December)
Book Project D

Year Two (2013) (2556) I'm 29

Spring Term 2013 (January-May)
12 credits
class 1
class 2
class 3
class 4

Q1 2013 (January/February/March)
Book Project E

Q2 2013 (April/May/June)
Book Project F

Fall Term 2013 (August-December)
12 credits
• class 1
• class 2
• class 3
• class 4

Q3 2013 (July/August/September)
Book Project G

Q4 2013 (October/November/December)
Book Project H
H2NH ePub has ten books up and selling.

 ; I will consider moving into print at this time, employing a layout professional.

Visit Thailand (December)
Visit Tammy Toom!

; I'll even take some family, if they're up for it.

Year Three (2014) (2557) I'm 30

Spring Term 2014 (January-May)
12 credits
• class 1
• class 2
• class 3
• MAN6726 3 Advanced Strategic Management

; I would assume that four terms will be sufficient, but I'll deal with my adviser when I can sit down in person. Summer may be a possibility, as well.

Q1 2014 (January/February/March)
Book Project J (≠I)

Q2 2014 (April/May/June)
Book Project K

Get a Job in Thailand, Work Visa
The Eastern University of Management and Technology (private)
Ubon Ratchathani University (public)
Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University (public)
Ratchathani University (private)

; These being the four top universities in Ubon, in general order of my preference. I would be applying from America so they could work out the work visa before I step on the plane.

Q3 2014 (July/August/September)
Book Project L

Q4 2014 (October/November/December)
Book Project M

Back to Thailand
Tammy Toom stops waiting!

Year Four (2015) (2558) I'm 31

Q1 2015 (January/February/March)
Book Project N
H2NH ePub has fifteen books up and selling.

; almost certainly also in print by this point.

Q2 2015 (April/May/June)
Book Project Q (≠O)

Q3 2015 (July/August/September)
Book Project R (≠P)

Q4 2015 (October/November/December)
Book Project S

Year Five (2016) (2559) I'm 32

Q1 2016 (January/February/March)
Book Project T

Q2 2016 (April/May/June)
Book Project U

Q3 2016 (July/August/September)
Book Project V

Q4 2016 (October/November/December)
Book Project W
H2NH ePub has twenty books up and selling.

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