Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Over

295 posts later... The End?

Well, that was fun.

This blog was glorious, but I've got a fancy new site going on now (Check it out at H2NHePub.com!). This blog was so awesome, though. It kept me sane in a time of great boredom and ridiculousness and madness—jungle madness, the worst kind—and it taught me how to write.

That is, it taught me the lost art of Dedication. The First 200 Days of this blog were a glorious daily blogging extravaganza, which I finally had to stop because I was too busy writing fiction. Check 'em out in the archives, they're all quite good.

Going forward, what I want to do is take the best thirty or so posts from in here and refresh them for my current thinking, posting them at H2NH ePub under the title "Wednesday reWrite" in addition to the regularly scheduled awesome that's happening over there.

I'm going to leave this site untouched from now on. Feel free to buy books from the links in the side, but assume that everything in the schedule is completely out of date. Check out the blogroll, though, because I haven't migrated that over yet.

So, what does this site mean to me? It's an great picture of what I did to become a burgeoning pro, turning my mental instability into gold, learned how to program a bit, figured out how to edit images, discovered The Internet, and myself...oh, and in the midst of all that? I got a beautiful fiancĂ©e.

I'm a writer.

Those were the first words on this blog, and they're just as true today as they were then, with one addition:

I'm an author.

Thanks for reading!
by David Barron
August 7, 2010 - July 31, 2012
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