Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday! 2012

Happy Birthday, me! This is going to be a short post because I'm busy.

; I noticed afterwards that I broke a blog rule in this post by not mentioning Writing at all. So! As far as I can tell, the only one of my stories with a birthday scene is Deep Sleep, which you can find in the A Future Darkly collection on Amazon. As I recall, the whole story is in the sample! Read it!

I think 2012 is the year when I've finally bundled all my neuroses into an easy-to-manage package.

The Eternal Balance of Confidence and Bravado
Any constant reader of this blog can probably gather that I'm either confident or bravadous. Well, I'm both, and it's this massive overconfidence that is the thing that keeps me stable, no matter how ridiculous Life gets, and how much DRAMA (a small amount, in all cases) is laid on, as the too-sweet icing of the cake of life.

But, this year, I'm finally leaning toward Confidence, now that I've got me—by practice, effort, and research—some solid skills in Writing, Life, and, of course: 
Rapid-Cycling Bipolar I
Last year was the first year I was officially diagnosed (by a DOCTOR!?!) with this zany mental illness.

It's not the fun kind of bipolar disorder that you can show off at parties. It's more the kind you try to avoid showing off at parties, and usually fail. Fortunately, I'm already strange enough that nobody notices.

...but, it is kinda fun. The downsides mostly involve not paying attention to money management, never being completely sure what day of the week it is, and being a terrible driver. Oh, and lucid batshit insane dreams, but that's more of a mixed bag.

Half the fun of being a writer is you spend a lot of time alone, wrassling with demons. I don't have all that many demons, so I mostly wrassle with myself. I'm a much tougher opponent.

Two Beers In My Refrigerator Challenge
I forgot to take a picture!
The gist of this one is that, for health reasons (read: The War On Pudge), I don't really want to drink at home, even with friends, so I'm going to leave two beers (~1.5L, i.e. my personal 'social drunk' limit) in my refrigerator as a kind of permanent challenge. It's hard to pick up beer on the way home when you've already got some in the refrigerator, and it's hard to drink the LAST TWO BEERS (gasp). We'll see how it goes. I'll make a countdown timer, once I figure out how. I'll still be imbibing at restaurants, bars and parties, when society demands my presence. As it often does.

Speaking of a demanding presence:
Gosh, OK.
She's not a blonde, natural or otherwise, but let's not pick at artistic license in the circumstances.

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