Friday, March 9, 2012

in which I read my own writing

I recently blasted through a whole bunch of publishing work.

First Reader
I copy-edited, made new covers and reformatted all my Science Fiction stories (as collected in A Future Darkly and More of the Sun) from 2011, 19 total. It took 8 hours, so, 25 minutes per story. Not a bad shakedown test of my eBook Formatting Workflow, if I say so myself.

As part of this, I had to read them all again, so I figured I might as well make that useful. I wrote little Memories and Reviews of all of them, and I'll post them once a week for, if you've been following along at home, nineteen weeks. I'll call it Science Fantasy Romance Sunday.

All of them are good! Which is a relief, since I published them with that expectation.

By the time they run through, I'll have reformatted the Fantasy and Romance stories, so that'll be another pile.

In other news, I'm on DriveThruFiction now, with pretty PDF versions of those stories. You should do it too, because they have a cool system.

Thanks for reading!
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