Sunday, June 17, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 15 - War of the Possible Future

War of the Possible Future 
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A Future Darkly

A Middle Eastern nation erupts in protests against a well-armed government. As a reporter tweets from the front lines, one man struggles to keep a hospital from going dark, and a hacker plans to send the dark back where it belongs. A short story, cyberpunk ripped from the headlines.

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Written in the middle of the “Arab Spring”, the story opens with a tweet from a reporter I was following at the time, and carries on through the misadventures of a man sucked into the action by the need to keep a hospital running in the midst of the chaos, and the shadowy figure who pushes him to take it further. I wrote it in a blur of excitement and anticipation, and it’s one of my most contemporary (political) works.

after reading
This is a really sloppy story, but it was a really sloppy time, so it fits. I like how I deliberately messed up the flow of the plot with constant interruptions by @Reporter. I also have a soft spot for the drone operator, don’t ask me why. (Oh, and the links in the fake tweets are real, interesting.) This story has one of my favorite endings.

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