Spider Frost

"Ah c'mon...it'll be fun!"

Spider Frost is a polyglot pulp writer and frequent drunk who lives in Thailand with his hot-tempered spouse Tammy Toom. He writes quasi-literary epics about their madcap adventures in and around Southeast Asia, as well as concocting other quick-dry masses of plot holes and spelling errors. In the finest traditions of pulp fiction.


Upcoming Books

Mr. and Mrs. Spider Frost
cassava picaresque one

Spider Frost Goes It Alone
cassava picaresque two

The Untitled Spider Frost
cassava picaresque three

Other Projects

The Legion of Mystery in...
Death's Odyssey
globe-trotting pulp action in a world before The Wars!
A Play-by-Post Campaign

and the upcoming

Freedom Landing
A New World to Explore!
A Pathfinder RPG campaign
Obsidian Portal
prequel novella

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