Monday, April 30, 2012

A Writer's Office

check out a fancier version of this post over at H2NH ePub, guys!

Now that I'm back in the USA and safely ensconced in my house, I've upgraded from "writing in a jungle" (a not wholly-unpleasant situation, to be fair) to "I own furniture!". Also, I have Internet which, naturally, lead to instant productivity downgrades. But I have kicked the collective asses of the Internet horde, and punched my way through the wall and into a sexy office setup, which I here present. But first? A pretentious quote.

"A writer's office is an extension of his personality, and an expression of his writing voice by different means." -Anonymous. (It was me!)

Stick with me for a whirlwind tour! Don't worry: if you're bored, there's a cat.
Embrace my wireless lifestyle!
H2NH ePub, my Compaq Presario CQ56 publishing laptop, hooked up to my monitor in lieu of a desktop computer.'ll do.
It's running Windows 7 Home Premium for
Microsoft Office 2010

Annette, my Asus EeePC 1000HE writing netbook. It survived the jungles of Thailand for two years!
It's running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for
...and that's it.

Kelly, my Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G smartphone (not pictured because she can't take a picture of herself), my constant friend, eBook reader, and portable secretary. I use MetroPCS because I have an allergy to contracts.
It's running Android 2.3 Gingerbread for
Amazon Kindle for Android

Aye and Nay, my two external hard drives, providing nearly a thousand gigabytes of storage! Yes, one is a backup of the other. rotates.

They're all hooked up in THE CLOUD by DropBox! Taste the rainbow.

And my Motivation is on the desktop.
with Murphy Fogg, a cat.
This is where the magic happens. Annette has been ruthlessly pruned of every program that would conveniently allow me access to the Internet, while still allowing DropBox to backup my TXT scribblings as I type it all in FocusWriter. This increases my peace of mind, and not obsessively pressing Ctrl-s increased my composing speed by at least one hundred words an hour.

I don't necessarily do all my writing in this chair, but this is representative of my ideal writing situation. I just need a netbook, wireless, and a loyal cat.
Wake up
face existential dread, conquer

~10 AM (9 PM Thailand)
Good Night! Call
good night, my beauty.

fresh from the microwave

1 PM to 9 PM
at least two thousand words

9 PM
whatever is delicious

~10 PM (9 AM Thailand)
Wake Up! Call 
to my darling 

I get through at least one book a week

~2 AM
perchance to dream, dread
More cat, for your viewing pleasure.
I like my bed to be up high so that the ideas have a shorter trip to fall from the heavenly muses. Also, maybe the muses will fall one of these days. We can but hope.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 8 - Sharia & The Gays

Sharia & The Gays
Available at *
Kobo * Sony * Diesel
Barnes & Noble

Collected in
A Future Darkly

Twelve year old Sharia suspects her next door neighbors of villainy, but will she and her quiet friend Sydney be able to find out what Mr. and Mrs. Gay are scheming before it’s too late?

before reading
This is an (almost) all-dialogue story, started as a challenge to myself to write more and better dialogue, finished fast because I started the story and the two main characters just took over, bantering one with another, until the story ended. One of my favorite humorous stories. Oh, and this isn’t a political story, but obviously the character names are ripped from the headlines! at the time of the writing.

after reading
It reads fast and funny. I kinda want to make an audio version, now, with professional voices. I think that’d be pretty great.

Next Week
Bitsy Pollo Save Us! 

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