Tuesday, September 7, 2010


"ROBOTS! Robots have no mercy..." - Stephen Colbert

I like robots, in every shape and form. From the lowliest deathbot serving drinks at a party after being made obsolete to the highest computer brain who has a whole universe in its mind...Our Universe? (Dun dun DUN!)
Don't worry [12-year old protagonist] Timmy [who is the only one who can talk to me, Brainbot]! Robots never forget...how to Rock 'n Roll! Oh, and it turns out you're a robot, too. Neat.*

*This nano fiction brought to you by Science. A better world for fashion can be yours.

Anyways, robots. Avatars of the developing human consciousness, sloppy metaphor for racism, implacable killing machines, they're the vision of an awesome future that just won't quit. And if you can convince your readers that it's bad to kill robots, you can convince them of anything.

Bonus: Unlike aliens, robots were probably pre-programmed to have human characteristics! So you don't have to cheat and humanize them. Of course, if you don't humanize them, they're zombies. But that's another post.

Ending on a potentially unpopular note: I liked the "I, Robot" movie starring Will Smith. Just sayin'!


For the next couple days, I will be voyaging into the jungle mists in search of Adventure and Negotiable Currency. It'll be fun, and it's too bad you can't come with me because then we'd have a party. Right now, we only have a wizard. But don't worry, I've set up the Internet to automagically update this here blog with some lazy posts. So if you liked this sort of thing, you'll double like that sort of thing because there'll be less talking.

"Mr. Christian, I want the nano-sails reformatted, stat!"

500 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
- - - -
Reading - "Beyond Lies The Wub" (Philip K. Dick)


  1. Did you enjoy "Beyond Lies the Wub"? It just blew me away the first time I read it, having already been a Dick fan to begin with.

  2. Philip K. Dick is amongst my favorite writers, because he is his own sub-genre. I'd never seen that story before, but it hit all my Good Story points. I have so many anthologies for all these great short story writers that I need to read completely through.


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