Monday, October 4, 2010

Location Independent

I'm slowly coming to realize the vast opportunity of this Internet Age as it relates directly to me, Creative.

I'm almost entirely self-motivated, almost certainly hypomanic, almost always ready to work smarter and harder if there's gain to be had. The Internet Age allows me to work from anywhere. I can write from anywhere I have a pen and paper, edit from anywhere I have a laptop and publish from anywhere I have an internet connection.

Not to mention that the Internet lets me do research at a blinding-fast pace on any number of projects at any one time, whether it's my latest blog management difficulties to the exhilarating complexities of real space travel to the delightful intricacies of Pali. Much more so the complexity of formatting and the Business Side. It's a big pool of awesome knowledge and the cost of entry is incredibly low.

All this means is that my physical location is only important with regards to social life (sorry, internet people, you don't have beer and girls) and access to technology and other resources. All of my Writing can happen in nebulous cyberspace. The upside of all this is that being a bohemian is actually a good business strategy now instead of just an eccentric lifestyle choice.

So that's good for me, and for you too.


Minor terrible confession: Yes, I do schedule posts in advance. The Internet 'round here is prone to dying abruptly and for long periods of time, and I don't feel like updating via my satellite phone. Basically any time you see a post going up at exactly 6:00PM you can know that I'm incommunicado.


Let's be serious for a moment.

I can't say that without laughing. Writing completely serious things is not my style. I know: some people don't like to mix humor with their Art, and I certainly agree that too much humor is distracting from a serious work, but...
Give me some comedy, dammit! If I've slogged through your deadly serious book and nothing remotely humorous happens, I'm going to hate you forever. They invented Dark Comedy for a reason, you jerk. Anyways, the humor doesn't have to be obvious.

Comedians make the best tragedians.

250 words? Yes
Short Story "Kritarchy"
Short Story "A Blot on the Escutcheon"
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Reading - ?



  1. Yeah, a little bit of humor can really spice up a serious story from time to time.
    And computers are definitely a big help these days... especially for editing. Things like find and replace, for example, are real life savers. But on the flip side, I've had to spend many an hour with tedious formatting, especially when every single publication in the world likes to have things submitted their own special way. =P

  2. Man, I need some humour when I'm reading stuff. Most modern SF takes itself too seriously, I think; we're treated to a few little quips from the characters, but nothing genuinely funny happens. Anyway, I just wrote a longer blog post about it, but it's scheduled for tomorrow.

    Sorry, bro. Gotta save my material, you know?


    P.S. (Tuhuhuhuh.)

  3. At this point I have Word templates for the special-needs markets. It'll save a lot of time if you do the same thing.

    I suppose I may have previously mentioned how much I hate formatting, but damn! It's a distraction from the useful work I have piling out of me. I'm hiring a secretary.

  4. (Well in that case I'll ignore you, Mr. Post-at-the-same-time Man.)


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