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Tisroc Spring

Presenting the newest release by David Barron and H2NH, the first novel in the ongoing Tisroc series...

Tisroc Spring ; Amazon UK ; Amazon Germany
Update: Being Reformatted! Await the 2nd Edition. Hang on!
(You can purchase "Play-world", the first book in the Tisroc series, at Amazon USA)
Update 2: You can pick up your copy of the 2nd Edition at!
See announcement article for more details

A technological thriller with a double shot of humor and romance: Tisroc Spring, a science fiction novel by David Barron. This novel is a convenient collection of the first three Tisroc short books in a discounted package, representing the first third of the thrilling Tisroc series!

We're just babies, making up a game...


Controlling drones mapping the surface of a forgotten Earth is a pretty sweet gig, especially since Ernie Centrifuge can work from the comfort of his computer room on the floating city of Megalopolis...but when he takes a job to survey a mysterious island, he finds himself entangled in a deadly competition for a lost and priceless treasure! With the help of his sister (a psion), her husband (a pilot), and a sarcastic lady he meets in a car accident (a police inspector), Ernie races to find out who's who in a world where no one really knows what's what.

May you live forever...

To roll anyway

Ernie Centrifuge just wants to relax with his girlfriend (a police inspector) and play with his survey drones, but when a Senator is assassinated by laser, Ernie decides that the floating city isn’t as relaxing as he would have hoped. When his sister (a psion) brings in an orphan girl who found a tantalizing map, Ernie decides to descend to the surface of a forgotten Earth. But what has he left behind on Megalopolis?

What do you call soon?

The spell of it

The New Farms on the surface of a forgotten Earth promise to feed overcrowded Megalopolis, but when two workers are killed, Inspector Benji Prajactatorix has her suspicions. She takes her boyfriend (a tech) along to check out a mysterious organic spaceship, but that leaves his sister (a psion) and her intended (a politician) still on the floating city to contend with a food shortage on the eve of Election Day.

...and once you've enjoyed this novel, anticipate the fourth short book in the Tisroc series: A little astronomy.

A convenient collection of three science fiction short books (Play-world, To roll anyway, and The spell of it) and cheap (a mere $6.99), too! Buy it now, then come back. [time passes] OK, let’s move on...  

The spell of it has a great ending that’s a good cut-off for a novel, and the next two Tisroc short books are going to be more of a ‘back-to-back’ experience, so I feel they should stand alone as a novel. With the final three short books collected, there’s a trilogy, which may prove more convenient in print than eight short books. (More on that as H2NH ramps up to POD in 2012.)

You can find more info and release dates in the H2NH Publication Schedule, if you’re interested.

Right now Tisroc Spring is available "exclusively" at Amazon for Kindle (USA, UK, Germany), because Smashwords formatting hates books (see my open letter on that issue). I hope presently to make this, and the rest of my books, available on B&N and Kobo. (If you purchase the MOBI file from Amazon and would prefer the identically formatted EPUB file, e-mail me and we can probably work that out.)

Tisroc Spring took me seventy-five hours to write, edit, copy-edit, format, and upload. It will probably take you between six to eight hours to read. It being a book, you are even allowed to read it again! (This is known as a ‘special feature’) Indeed, I encourage you so to do, thus to enjoy my delicious prose and witty dialogue again after your first read, when you were undoubtedly too busy on the edge of your seat, flipping pages frantically to see what happens next in my engrossing plot. Yes, yes.

So, let’s call it twelve hours of solid entertainment total, which I’d say is fair for $6.99. I make a little under five bucks for each book I sell, so I need a little over fifteen hundred of you to buy this book so I can pay myself a living wage and buy some celebratory booze. My target audience being ‘all English readers with Kindles world-wide’ and my timeframe being five years, I’m confident I can manage (at least) that.

Note to the dedicated few who made it all the way down here: If you promise to read Tisroc Spring and do a couple-paragraph review on Amazon and/or another review site and/or a blog within a reasonable time frame, I’ll send you a review copy. Contact me at DavidalBarron [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll link to it, but I can’t promise I’ll actually bother to read the review. No offense. I’m too busy writing new stuff to read reviews of old stuff (unless they’re funny).

Next up from H2NH Publishing is Jillian Nice’ Horror short book ed. (Release: early October)

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