Sunday, April 29, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 8 - Sharia & The Gays

Sharia & The Gays
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A Future Darkly

Twelve year old Sharia suspects her next door neighbors of villainy, but will she and her quiet friend Sydney be able to find out what Mr. and Mrs. Gay are scheming before it’s too late?

before reading
This is an (almost) all-dialogue story, started as a challenge to myself to write more and better dialogue, finished fast because I started the story and the two main characters just took over, bantering one with another, until the story ended. One of my favorite humorous stories. Oh, and this isn’t a political story, but obviously the character names are ripped from the headlines! at the time of the writing.

after reading
It reads fast and funny. I kinda want to make an audio version, now, with professional voices. I think that’d be pretty great.

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