Saturday, October 23, 2010

Batshit Insane Dreams

I'm a lucid dreamer, by nature, because I'm insane, and by practice, because such dreams inform my writing and I might as well gain something for lost sleep. Here's a typical night with dramatic pictures and tomfoolery. The dreams generally fall into four categories, but you can probably figure it out from the pictures, so I won't fool around with alliteration.

We're on the high seas roaring through space on a smuggling expedition to catch us a whale and then use it to start a nuclear chain reaction that'll destroy the system and rescue our parents from a fate worse than death: Living Without Hope. Following that, a light lunch on Adventure!

Features snappy dialogue and grand swashbuckling, boiled in a tragedy stew and filled with comic relief and asteroids. Good, but ephemeral, times are had.

Why, hello lady. Yes, you are indeed in rather a "squirrely situation". Let me chase the squirrels away. Shoo, shoo. Now, let's have a long talk about our plans for a future relationship while we share a chaste popcorn.

(Dammit subconscious! You do realize that in a dream a man can do whatever he wants.)

Certainly, but a gentleman never would.

(Gah! I hate you, me. This is the only part I star in!)

This is where it starts to get weird. Visions of grand projects, lectures on grand schemes, whole Q&A sessions. All of it presumably cobbled together by my vast reading.

Essentially narrated Power Point presentations, but in my dreams they're all well-rehearsed and to the point. That's how I can tell.

Then the heavy stuff rolls in, and this is why I bothered to practice lucid dreaming in the first place. If I'm going to suffer through it, I might as well remember it.

This is the part of the dream-cycle that seems to last forever, but it's also the part that's most vivid, most real. Whatever element of my imagination takes the most precedence arrives, often fully formed with characters and emotional backdrops.

It's not always sad, but it's always intense.

Wake up, write it all down. Craft some good stories, go back to sleep.

If I need a break: Drink.


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