Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Blog Is...

What this blog is is a Personal Challenge: a Vow (if you will).

It has always been my assumption that the only way for me to get better at something is to dive into it and engage in trial and error. I need to learn how to do basic Internet things - image hosting, blog hosting, podcasting, html, feeds. A lot of those categories include Unknown Unknown skills which I'd only discover I'd need to figure out when I have to do it. So I started this blog as a sandbox so that everybody could watch me fail.

That's why it's updated every day, instead of the (probably) more advisable 3 to 4 times a week. I want more room for trial-and-error, more room for spectacular failures leading to improvement and surprising successes leading to confidence. After a few hundred post-days (365 max), I'll revert to a more regular schedule. Unless I start a webcomic or something.

The topic of the blog will always be limited to Writing, Craft and Business. There'll be no political opinion, no personal life, no travel tips. I'm a speculative fiction writer, so there may be discussion of Political Philosophy, but nothing I write along those lines should be considered my actual opinion. 

I follow the blog stats using Google Analytics and am seeing a slow but steady increase so I might be doing something right, but the only stat I put real value in is "# of Comments". When I see the 0 Comments sign on a post, I am sad.

Thanks for reading, and we'll get back to the good stuff soon!


If this picture makes you shudder with sheer bored terror, you'll know why I'm always on the look-out for willing Alpha Readers to avoid such a fate. That is to say, somebody who is willing to look at completed works that I've written and give their feelings. I am, of course, willing to reciprocate.

If that's your thing, shoot me an e-mail.

250 words? Yes
Short Story "Kritarchy" - in progress
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Reading - ?



  1. You're able to find something to say about writing, business, or craft every single day? I admire that. I keep attempting to write about those topics, especially since I think that is what people mostly browse aspiring-writer blogs for (seriously; it's what I used to browse them for). But I somehow...can't.

  2. Yeah, I'm trying to become more internet-savvy too, but it takes a lot of work to gain a following in this wide world of webbing.
    As for comments to posts, it seems pretty random sometimes. Some posts I put tons of effort in and expect lots of discussion, but it ends up on a day when everyone's just busy--you know?
    I think you do a good job though David with keeping your blog posts a good length. If it's too short it lacks substance; if it's too long it scares readers away (scares me away, at least).

  3. I have an easy cheat: If I absolutely can't think of anything to post, I start talking about my Daily Writing that day and that usually gets me started down a more interesting line. Then I can delete the meandering and replace it with a spoken excerpt.

    I shoot for about 300 words on average, and I've only had to do a two-parter once so far.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Whatever helps. Just make sure the blogging doesn't take you away from your fiction. :) Good luck.

  5. Right now, it's serving as a 30-60 minute break that still keeps me in the writing zone. It's a good way to change gears (fiction to non-fiction) every once in a while to let the plot holes percolate themselves closed.


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