Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Books Writing

I gotta buckle down, get my arse in gear and put it in first. Wait, strike that last one, or pretend it was a hokey pokey reference.

Still. I have way too much fun writing short stories, and writing short stories is the delicious candy that is distracting me from writing the long fiction I want to write. I've got five solid ideas for books, I just need to sit down and focus on writing them. One of them is even Outlined! I mean, c'mon, me.

I'm a bad person. I'm hanging my head in shame. (I'm not thinking about my prodigious short story output, because that would ruin the upcoming point.)

So, here's the plan! I've got five books:

"Lived Too Long To Die" 
A diverse crew of space scouts visit a long-isolated Earth that is recovering from a Singularity apocalypse as the taciturn Captain Frank Evers is drawn out of his shell by a love triangle! A far future science fiction adventure (with clipper ships).

"Timpani the Ostrich Rancher"
A mysterious rose-quartz man searches for his place in society as the dashing nobles of the Kingdom of Kenya are drawn into the Anglo-Deutsch War. A steam-punk fantasy set in alternate history Africa.

 "At the Mountains of Malapert"
The Moon is explored, colonized, fought over, monetized, and gentrified in a sweeping tale of the lives and deaths of four lunar explorers. A hard science fiction with political elements.

A floating city hovering in the twilight of an abandoned Earth. A young techno-explorer using drone and satellite mapping to fill in the gaps of pre-history accidentally discovers a plot that could destroy the last city of Earth. Now he, his sister, and the policewoman who decides to help out are on the run from...everybody. A soft science fiction tech-feast.

"Fire in Khartoum"
The year is 1884: A young British lieutenant trapped in the siege of Khartoum wrestles between his feelings for a native girl and his wife at home. The year is 2008: a young aid worker newly arrived in Khartoum is caught between warring factions and wrestles with his own idealism. Can either of them save the one they love? A romantic parallel thriller.

Yes, this is also thinly veiled practice for blurb writing. They're all gonna get written, but you can mull over which description catches you. I'm going to shoot for one book every two months, because why not? Let's roll.


After they're finished, this dame is going to read all of them, and be so impressed by my purple prose and good grammar and spelling that she'll totally make sweet, sweet love to me. While I'm writing the sixth book, AKA "Sweet, Sweet Love...TO ME!", the tale of a wizard who makes a living statue of the perfect woman until realizing that once his pretty lab assistant takes off her glasses and lets down her hair, she's super-hot.

And in the ensuing love triangle he learns that women are people and not machines. The moral of the story is...magic.

250 words? Yes
Short Story "Cosmast Rhyt"
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. Those are some great ideas for books. Okay, I'm not into parallel narratives... but the other ones, I'd read 'em all. My fav is At the Mountains of Malapert.

    Actually, scratch that. I'm looking forward to your sixth novel the most.


  2. I do rather like the sixth book. At least the title. I don't know how it would work as an actual book, though.


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