Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post 90

Whoo! Made it. Three months of daily blogging, and most of the posts weren't even that terrible.

This'll continue, certainly, but it's time to at least consider The Future. At some point I'll have proven to myself that I can consistently write articles and want to focus on something else. I've got a lot of great stats from the last 90 days, and can at least confirm that it's not just the people I know in person who are reading this blog. I've also got a lot of fun new tech skills out of it, and practiced that basic article-craft that is presumably second nature to a proper newspaper writer.

When that confidence point arrives, my plan would be to post on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and devote Tuesday and Thursday to guest posts or a blog partner or, the holy grail, a webcomic! The weekends would be random art or something. (If you're interested in any of that, shoot me a line.)

Anyways, here's what's happened in the last 90 days:
-I've wrote and submitted 20 short stories, 15 good. Those five were instructively bad.
-I've published 6 short stories as eShorts (numbers available later).
-I've outlined four short stories for when I get around to them.
-I've been rejected a lot! (That's a good thing, by the way.)
-I've made a start on 2 books, and have continued them steadily.
-I've progressed 1 book ahead in spurts.
-I've outlined 2 books for when I get around to them.
-I've written 90,000 words, give or take a few thousand, and almost all of those words are acceptable enough for strangers to look at.

I'm still single, though. Somebody get on that, I'm too busy.


This is how I assume most of my blog readers look after they finish my post.

"Damn, I just wasted a few minutes. I'm going to stare into the distance while I rethink my entire life. Wait, maybe this David fellow is a philosophical, wait again, that's overthinking it. I guess I'll become a social worker."

And buy my awesome writing? I'm going to assume yes.

250 words? Yes
Project "Untitled"
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. Ah you're an artist as well as a writer, eh? Look forward to seeing some of that.

  2. Nice. I have definitely profited from some of your musings and thoughts and tech-reviews, and I'm not even being sarcastic!

    And, speaking of guests! We should do one of those... "conglomeration" blogs. Only I have nothing to contribute, since I have no guts to dive into epub, cover design, and all the crazy stuff you do. Nonetheless, I will gladly affix, amoeba-like, to your coattails.


    P.S. Props on being unconventional. Most people would celebrate at 100 - like the bunch of mindless jerks they are...

  3. Nicholas! I'm a bad artist, but since nobody visits blogs on the weekends anyways, there'll be no harm done if I put up some doodles. I would be more interested in Other People's art.

    Ben! Eh, you Write stuff and post regularly, so it'd work. Writing blogs are about Craft and Business, and traditional publishing is Business.

    We'll see what develops.

    P.S. I celebrate by standard months, because I'm awesome like that.


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