Sunday, November 21, 2010

Financial Relationship

Money and I have an understanding: we're Acquaintances with Benefits. We'll never be friends, because I can't stand to hang out with money very long, and we'll never be lovers because we only use each other to further our own ends. We'll certainly never be married, because I can neither afford ring, ball nor chain.

I know how to handle money, but I don't stamp Fragile on the money-package. I throw it around in every direction and I'm not too concerned where it lands. What goes around comes around, after all, and while nobody ever had too much money, I'll never have enough time to spend it all.

There's a lot of things I'd do if I had a lot of money, but none of them involve sitting on big piles of it. Money is a tool, and an inefficient tool at that useful mainly as the means by which to procure better tools. Still there's no excuse not to know how to use the tool, but don't get too attached to it. It's not under warranty, but it can be easily replaced.

I'm a Writer. I like money because it lets me make a living from what I write and, from time to time, put into reality one of the million cool ideas I have. If I liked money for keeping score, I'd be a banker and be richer than you. But I'd be bored out of my mind and so would you if you met me at a party. Now, though, I'm all over the party.

Stories are more valuable than gold, because gold is hard to carry around with you.


If you read Fantasy, you've almost certainly read The Hobbit and at least one of the five good books in the six-book Chronicles of Narnia series (the last one is pretty lame). I mean, c'mon. It's C.S. Lewis competing with his pal Tolkien to see who can write the best Fantasy. Good stuff.

But did you know that C.S. Lewis also wrote quite possibly the worst Science Fiction series ever? Yes, The Space Trilogy is a barely readable collection of words combined with bad silly. The sad thing is? It's really well thought-out and plotted. It's just Bad.

But...he wrote Till We Have Faces, so that makes up for it.

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Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
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