Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today's my one-year anniversary with my sexy secretary!
(she's not actually my secretary, guys, but she is sexy and...)

The first movie we saw as a couple was Secretary, which may or may not be indicative of our relationship. I'm not telling. (Probably not.) (I kinda talk like James Spader though?) It's still a good romantic comedy, so you should go see it. After that we saw Music and Lyrics. Let's call some mixture of those two our official couple movie, OK? (They talked too fast in The Thin Man and His Girl Friday.)

Our Song is "Wonderful Tonight" (Eric Clapton) ... the good version

Our anniversary meal will be "Bla Lui Suan" (literal translation: Fish Invades a Garden), which is delicious fish covered in a spicy nut mixture and surrounded by vegetables. I'm always too hungry to take a picture of it when it's ordered, but it looks kinda like this:
Ours will be bigger (because we provide the fish), spicier, with more vegetables.
As an anniversary gift to me, I'm declaring myself "Offline-lite". This is also my gift to her, because I'm too focused and annoying without the Internet to distract me. I'm like a junkie, but with Flash. Also, where else am I going to get relationship advice from completely untrustworthy sources?

Thanks to all this stability, my health, my confidence, my writing (you know, that thing what this blog is about?), my finances...oh, c'mon! My entire life has improved for the better. Possibly there was some nagging involved, but that's OK.
I look forward to five or six more years of stable relationship bliss, at which point we will have a big fight about something or other and then get back together with a furious passion, our differences becoming our strengths and a best-selling novel of a writer's romance entitled "Make-Up". Followed by a romantic comedy on the big screen and successful television situation comedy. It will be more awesome than Mr. and Mrs. Smith and not a complete rip-off at all, nosir. (Add that to the Couple Movie mélange...)

Then happiness forever, et cetera, and the checks never stop coming in. What more stable a relationship could two ask?

I love you, lady.

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