Sunday, December 18, 2011

Expanding Universe

I'm expanding and learning! Here's a quick round-up of H2NH ePub's latest propositions for expansion.

Amazon Kindle Owner's Lending Library
Like a responsible small businessman, I waded through the whining about this new KDP program about the new program and then read the contract, upon which I decided to go for it. It doesn't look TOO bad, and I know a whole bunch of Amazon Prime folk who will take advantage of it.

So, if you are so inclined, own a Kindle and are an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow my exciting Science Fiction thriller, the novel Tisroc Spring! Wow! Also available are "More of the Sun: The Jeremiad Monologues" by David Barron & "Minute Macabre (1)" by Jillian Nice. (But, as those are a mere $0.99 regularly, you might as well buy them, right? RIGHT?)

I find myself admiring my blurb-writing, after much research, effort and practice. I enjoy turns of phrase and pithy laconisms. I still need more practice, though, so let's make a deal: Since I hate reviewing things, my offer is if you send me your work, I'll read it and write a blurb for it, which you can use as you wish. Fair enough?

RPG Modules
Spider Frost runs a lot of RPGs in various systems, and after talks (well, 'reading the contract terms') with DriveThruRPG, he feels he can monetize this passion by writing some play-tested modules for the Pathfinder RPG (and D&D 3.5e) under the terms of the Open Game License.

But! He needs to find a Fantasy artist (and cartographer) to go in with him. Here's the deal, we collaborate on the module--Spider does the writing, you do the drawing, but we both work out the details together--we playtest it with some loyal nerds, and then we split the 70% royalty down the middle: 30% to each of us and 10%  to eventual print costs. Fair's fair, right? Talk to me! (contact info at bottom of this site)

David Allen Barron
Presumably my final open pen name, he writes literature as per these guidelines. It would appear that most of his writing is going to follow Dave Frost, sad-sack community college professor in modern day America, which is itself rather a mundane science fiction.

I make my pen names work hard, and encourage cross-pollination.

Henceforth shall I be referred to and introduced at parties as "citizen-taxpayer in good standing Mr. David Allen Barron, novelist". Take note, butlers of all nations.

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