Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Science Fantasy Romance 2 - Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep
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A Future Darkly

A teenage psion wakes up alone on a failing colony ship. As her memory returns, she struggles to survive and escape to the planet’s surface.

before reading
This story was my favorite—of the ‘dark ones’—for a long time, and I used it as a showpiece of sorts whenever anybody said “I want to read something you’ve written!” I remember a crude drawing of the spaceship I made, which I’d love to show you but it has perished. This is one of the few stories I went back and rewrote, which means, as I sit down to read, I’m a little worried my memories of the Creative story will be ruined by Mr. Editor...

after reading
Whew! That’s a good story. As I read, I remembered what Mr. Editor did, which was save the story. In the first draft, the ship’s computer had been an entirely unnecessary character, its entire purpose easily edited down to a log entry. I can see (but you can’t) the brush-strokes where Mr. Editor cleaned up Creative’s sloppy timeline, smoothing out the flash-backs while driving the survival horror plot. Oh, and he changed the ending. Good work, Mr. Editor. This time. This story reminds me how much more confident I’ve become in my Creative voice in the year or so since I wrote it, but I’ll still hold it up a showpiece for Science Fantasy Romance. 

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