Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You Should Never Be Bored

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Coming back to America kicked my ass.
That is, it lurked for a month while I got a lot of cool stuff done (cf: this blog), and then READJUSTMENT popped out from behind a corner and sucker-punched me into a decay spiral.
I haven't accomplished very much in the last couple of weeks—moreso even than my usual boom-bust cycle of manic-depression—and it is depressing. I need to get back in the saddle.
The trigger for this READJUSTMENT was, I suspect, my sitting down to write my Peace Corps memoir—working title: "Peace Corps Thailand: AFTER DARK"—and realizing just how hard I worked and lived while I was in-country compared to my pitiful existence now, waiting for my MBA to start*.
This has been a long, boring summer; front-loaded (and exacerbated) by the Greatest Day of My Life (...that'll be in the memoir).
Long, boring, nothing to do...wait just a moment, Dave:
You should never be bored.
I have a career! It's called "writing". Stop sitting around moping, you've got sh*t to do. I am in the perfect writing situation: Nothing in particular to do for days on end, except write, Nobody in particular to meet, either. I can be a recluse! I should...I guess I should probably take advantage of that.
Why haven't I been writing enough? I'm out of shape, so I wake up feeling bad. I'm in a completely different situation, so I don't have a Routine yet. My laziness results in porcine over-indulgence in all the stuff I haven't had for the last twenty-seven months. There are so many books to read. I'm just...scared of success? I hope not.
I'm not Motivated enough.
I spend too much time waiting. This is a transition, but not between "Peace Corps" and "graduate school"; but rather between semi-professional and professional. While I was traipsing around the jungle, I didn't have the resources I needed to go all-out on this ePub thing. But now? I've got them. I just need lots and lots of manuscripts to do filthy Internet things to, formatting them and editing them, and selling them to the highest bidder.
I've got SERIES to write.
This Tisroc series is awesome, it just needs to be done. I know what's going to happen, I just need to write it down. I have another series percolating, and another and another. A whole pile of short books that need to get written, and short books are FUN.
I've got BOOKS to write.
Leaving aside Lived Too Long To Die (which WILL get finished soon enough), I have herds of books to write. Post-apocalyptic novels, apocalyptic novels, a Fantasy with blood magic, an Horror novella. Romance, Pirates, Fishing! SPACE BATTLE ROYALE. Oh, shit. These need to get done.
There's all these SHORT STORIES, too.
I've run out appendages to count all the half-finished short stories I still have to finish. They are all so awesome, they want to be told. I just have to TELL THEM. I need 300 short stories. That's my goal.
Oh! And I need cover art and print books!
Yeah, and um...my covers suck. And there's no time like the present to fix that. They have to be 1600x2500 now anyways. Not to mention formatting: but I will anyways. Dean Wesley Smith makes an excellent case for "Nothing Below $2.99", and that's what I'm going to do. Once I get motivated.
Am I motivated? Looks like I am.
I can never be bored again.
Get back to work.
Thanks for reading!
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*My schedule for when my MBA starts is easier:
short story
short story

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