Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The First 200 Days

Made it: 200 daily writing blog posts. If we assume an average of 300 words per post, that's 60,000 words. I have, essentially, written a book about Writing. 200 was also the goal I had in my head when I challenged myself to do this, and a fine challenge it was.

I've gone from being a man who had no idea how to make a living as a writer to somebody who has both a Six Month and a Five Year Plan.

I'm a Writer.

I am at the point where I no longer need to force myself to brainstorm about Writing every day, even though I could, because doing so would be actively distracting from the professional writing schedule I intend to keep. Moving forward, I'll update every Friday. Same time, same topics, but in article form. There might be some random posts sprinkled throughout the week for special announcements.

First 200 Days Lessons:
Writing is a REAL JOB. Writing is a Small Business.

Say "Writing Is My Only Hobby" but Try New Things

Turn Off The Internet & Don't Watch TV.

Have a Supportive Girlfriend. Get Some Friends.

Exercise and Eat Right.

Write Fast or Find Out Why You Aren't.

Don't Self-Censor. Don't Edit. Write The Next Thing Better.

Be Patient, but Take Risks.

Don't Panic.

Have Fun!

Also, listen to this well-timed Writing Excuses episode:
The Author's Responsibility To The Reader with Kevin J. Anderson.
Because it wouldn't be a proper send-off without me advancing a zany scheme, I am looking into starting a multi-author blog called "Heroes Have No Homes". If anybody is interested, shoot me a line. I'd start when we assembled at least five Creatives: writers, artists, musicians, cartoonists et al. Nothing fancy, just a Hub, and we'd see what develops from there.
See you on Friday!

First Post - August 7, 2010 


  1. Congrats! What an accomplishment, 200 days. I have to say that I'm gonna miss reading these daily installments. But I will be looking forward to the weekly updates.

    PS -- Where can I get a hat like that?

  2. PS -- I'd be interested in an multi-author blog. Do you have any set topics in mind, or just a free for all? Both would be fine with me.

  3. You can get the hat in the extremely crowded 100 Markets along Thailand's Chaophraya in exchange for translating negotiations between a hapless seller of amazing locally-sourced carved figurines and a pair of tourists who took the "Counter with 30%" rule of barter too literally. Otherwise the hat will run you four bits.

    Re: multi-author blog, topics would be free-for-all within the "Working Creative" banner. Business, Mindset, Craft, Reviews, Shout-outs to fellow Creatives, Generating Lists of Ideas...basically anything that is (or can be tangentially linked to) Creativity that is intended to be commercially viable. And is the medium equivalent of about 250 words per post and isn't dull.

    The best case cast would be 2-3 writers, 1-2 artists/cartoonists and 1 Internet video/radio person. Multimedia, baby!

  4. I'll probably see more of your stuff with a new weekly format--I just don't keep up with daily blogs.

    Re: Don't Self-Censor. Don't Edit. Write The Next Thing Better.

    I've always thought you were a bit crazy here, since I want everything I write (unless I start it and realize I don't like it) to be the best I can make it be, and that always requires going back after a bit of distance to improve it. But to each their own.

    Good luck with your new schedule and plans!

  5. Thanks! Standard disclaimer applies: What goes here is what I do, and it's not a competition. I've found that as I've become a better writer, my spelling has got worse.

  6. For whatever reason, the comments are working for me now. Strange. Probably an issue on my end of things.

    But now I forgot the joke I was going to make. Something about the next time I was in Thailand...

  7. David! Let me say that I have greatly enjoyed your first 200. I have learned a lot from you: you are a man with guts, ambition, and talent. "by David Barron" will soon be something people are saying everywhere: "Did you read the latest? It's by David Barron."

    I really enjoy your blog, you know. I'm only sad that there will be slightly less of it. However, I know that you will make it that much more awesome on Fridays.

    A glass to you, my friend. If we meet one day in the flesh, I owe you for all the teachin's.


  8. Thanks! If I ever have to move somewhere for health insurance, Canada is at the top of my list. I'll at least end up at one of these writing conferences I've heard tell about.


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