Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bitsy Pollo

There's a folder I have labelled simply "Bitsy Pollo" and inside are all the most inane of my many ideas. Today, let's reach into the folder and display a few.

It was the first day of the vernal equinox and Bitsy Pollo was scared.

"The Mystery of the Ghost and How He Died: A Mystery Short Story in Two Acts. Also the Ghost Tells a Werewolf Story."

Billy was tall and handsome, with one eye for the ladies and the other eye for himself. Cross-eye Billy, they called him.

"Darling Simony, why'd you have to go and pet the lion? Why?"

Will she be able to use her economics degree for Good this time, instead of Evil? And then find LOVE?!?

Hey-a-lou, in the day: I jazz while I write, and then rock the night.

An agoraphobia monster: it's a monster that takes up the entire outside world. And is made of a breathable jello material ("The Wobbling, THE WOBBLING"). It's like being snowed monsters.

A butterfly kicking a dolphin. The full moon is in the background. Were-butterflies came to mind. 

A planet where butterflies evolved from men?!?

That is all.


Finished up the Tree Spirit story and sent it into the aether. I like how it turned out, dark without being gloomy and with a firm sense of place. Classy. In other submission news, I'm making an exception to my Pro Rates Only policy in submitting a story to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Who wouldn't want that name amongst their writing credits? You'd never have to explain that you were an SF writer ever again.

The sexy conclusion.

2000 words? OK
Short Story "Moving In, Moving On" - finished, submitted


  1. A butterfly kicking a dolphin? Now that is a premise.
    The story for the girl with the economics degree sounds pretty suspenseful too. =]

  2. Butterflies with colorful wing'ed jackboots, stamping on the face of a dolphin. Forever.

  3. I would definitely read a ghost story about a ghost telling a werewolf story. Especially if the werewolf was reading Dracula.



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