Friday, August 20, 2010

Lived Too Long To Die

Today I began "Lived Too Long To Die", a science fiction book, with a bang of productivity. My output goals for this project are 2000 words a day, each day, until I hit 90,000 words or the plot ends, whichever comes second.

It doesn't have to be Perfect, it just has to be Good. And I write Good. As that last sentence just proved.

Captain Frank Evers leads an eclectic survey team to break the Quarantine around Earth after generations of silence. Can the mission succeed after what they discover on the surface, or will they be trapped amongst the Sol remnants of humanity forever? More importantly, can Professor Kelly Qu draw the taciturn captain out of his shell long enough to find Love against the backdrop of a ruined planet?


"Mr. Toob, it's hard for me to say this..."

"Give it to me straight, Doc! Don't sugarcoat it."

"Your problem is that you're a tiny man who breathes water and can't sit up in your own tube habitat."

"Oh no!"

"Also I'm not a doctor, I'm a chef. And those flowers? Garnish."

3000 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die" - in progress (~1/30)

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