Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fast, Complex, Instrumental

There are many tricks I have for sustained continuous creative typing, but the most portable is fast complex  instrumental jazz. For example, "Inside & Out" played by David Jones:

This piece in particular has several advantages besides speed and complexity:
-a driving rhythm, but not a continuous beat.
-a short pause for breath, followed by a more frenetic section.
-it becomes more focused near the end.

All of these mirror the rhythm and style of writing I need to have in the back of my mind

In my quest to roll out my Next Better Million, I have to keep my three hours of active writing a day intense, and my goal is to regularly be typing that whole time, instead of only when I'm on a roll.


This is the most realistic story I've ever written, and probably the most literary.  I consider Literary Fiction to be a genre that focuses on modern characters, real world settings, and Feelings. It is about exploring Descriptive Language as opposed to Concepts. Leave aside the tree spirit and this one is on the cusp of Literary Fiction. Leave in the tree spirit and we're still talking Magical Realism as opposed to Fantasy.

This could be the short story art.

500 words? Yes
Short Story "Moving In, Moving On" - in progress (~1/2)


  1. You know, I've never tried listening to instrumental jazz while writing before... but now I may have to. I'm always searching for the right thing to drive me on towards my goal, and this could be just the ticket.


  2. I discovered this technique while living in Tokyo and going for my first (and last) NaNoWriMo three years ago. One of my roommates was a jazz musician and he and his buddies would be using our tiny apartment for practicing this complex avant-garde stuff. And I found my fingers flying. When I'm making a living writing, I'll be hiring a live jazz band.

  3. Yeah, instrumental jazz is awesome; particular the free-form atonal stuff. It's one hundred percent real, one hundred percent improvised, and one hundred percent naked feeling. That is, not naked-feeling, as in nude, but as in total unvarnished expression.

    I also find that progressive rock like Styx, Rush, Muse, U2, and Radiohead is really good for getting zoned in. I bought 'In Rainbows' by Radiohead on vinyl LP, and that is one of the single most awesome albums ever. Pure soundgasm.

  4. Them's fine music, but I can't get lyrics in my writing. Words distract me from words, and I end up rhyming sentences. That's not healthy.


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