Monday, August 30, 2010

Living In The Future

Sure, sure, everybody likes reading about a dystopia, but would you really want to live there? Sometimes I like to consider futures I wouldn't mind actually having to live in.

It seems pretty easy to be a pessimist. To be fair, pessimists are a lot more useful in the short term, even if they're not more accurate in the long term.

On the other hand, sometimes it's hard to be an optimist. Where's the Conflict in optimist future?

I'm making it a personal challenge to construct plots where very few people have guns and where fighting has dire consequences. These future losers are going to earn their crapsack world the hard way, by having bad relationships. There's a lot of Conflict involved in not being allowed conflict.

All that aside, so far we seem to have muddled through. Whether that's because we humans try to prove both pessimists and optimists wrong at the same time is up to you.

I leave you with this personal opinion: "Brave New World" is not actually a dystopia.


I benefit greatly from a mental illness that from time to time knocks me flat on my back, wallowing in self-loathing and introspection. That might sound bad, but otherwise I would never take a break from the rest of the time, the pounding stampede of productivity and wandering babble that drives everybody around me crazy. Anyways, so far having a live-in therapist with a degree in sexiness has been the best management strategy.

So stop smoking in the house and start being therapeutic.

500 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die" - chapter 11
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Reading - "Artemis Fowl" (Eoin Colfer)


  1. Optimist futures are not in agreement with my pessimistic vision of the past and present. Everything is accident, evil, and misanthropy.


  2. You can't be pessimistic about something that's already happened. That's just crazy-talk, sir, and I'll have none of it. Unless there's time travel, of course. And then I'd have to call the story "Past: Tense".

    I take a more refined view: Everything is derived of CHAOS and thus doesn't really mean anything one way or t'other.


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