Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sometimes It's Hard

...and sometimes it's easy.

Just gotta keep on keeping on, writing through the night, getting four hours of dream-filled sleep, gotta keep on recording my reading each piece to check the dialogue and flow, gotta keep on pretending I don't care about rejection. (Ok, well, that last part is easy. I've been rejected by Experts, what's a bunch of editors-who just want to publish what's good-gwan' do to me?)

Gotta keep listening, gotta keep talkin', gotta keep reading, gotta keep walkin'. Until at the beginning of the line, I enter the train to anachronistic success. Sir, and madame, I do not intend to be the everyday ordinary type of failure, I intend to be the kind of failure best summed up as "a success before his time". And then I'll make the damn time my own, because the only times I subscribe to are multiplication.

Anyways, twenty days Up, twenty days Down. How many days has it been?


In case you were wondering, the color scheme of this blog is based on the color scheme I've set up in Q10, that being the full-screen text-editor I most prefer when I'm in full-screen text editor mode. I have so many different ways of extracting words out of my racing mind. In fact, just today I've bought a paper spike, just like the newsmen of old, so that I can slam finished sheets of double-side paper on it and feel good about myself. So long as I finish at least eight sheets a day.

Man, I need a drink.

500 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die" - chapter eleven
Short Story "Kritarchy" - in progress (~1/2)
- - - -
Reading - "Hornblower and the Atropos" (C.S.Forrester)


  1. Kind of sounded like you were talking about the big nasty for a minute there. Good title, good lead in. Might be something wrong with me, though.

    Whoa, Q10. Downloaded. Do you actually do work on real paper? I tried doing that for a while until I became a miser...


  2. Given, I'm always actually talking about the big nasty.

    I work on whatever gets words out. I have a whiteboard hanging on my wall, I carry a clipboard everywhere, I have a laptop constantly at my beck and call, and I have an audio recorder constantly playing in my house to pick up my drunken babble.

    I'd have to say, at the moment, that most of my work gets put down on paper and then the editing process is typing it all in. Which is why I can just send it out with a mere spell-check, I guess.

  3. Q10 is... amazing. It's like playing a videogame with words.



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