Monday, August 9, 2010

Spell-Check and Submit It

Now that I have some confidence in my abilities as a writer-I've finished writing the First Million Words, after all-I can get to the business of making a living at it. My strategy in this case is to write even more. If it took me two years to write those million words, the Next Better Million is going to take a year and a half.

I will build up a "body of work" and keep that body of work circulating through as many markets as I can find in which to continually circulate those works while I continue adding to it. Ideas are cheap and volume is the way to make it.

In that vein, I am implementing a "spell-check and submit it" approach. Finish a piece, read it through, send it out. I will saturate the market with my writing until it soaks through into Success.


You all have that one friend who just never seems to fit in. The one who disappears completely for days, weeks, months, years and then comes back with stories of what he's been up to while you've been working 9 to 5 and getting on with life. The one who never seems to have a long-term relationship, the one who talks about everything, the one who reads a lot, the one who doesn't really have fun at parties, the one who you suspect, deep down, is not having a lot of fun.

Well, you'd be wrong. I am this guy. And it's amazing.

500 words? Yes
Short Story "Timpani the Ostrich Rancher" - in progress (~1/2)


  1. Hey, I am also that odd one friend! Yay for us wandering types! ^_^

    Fun blog by the way. I hope one of your stories sticks as you throw them out.

  2. Can't argue with that.

    Nice pictures.

  3. Thanks. I'm also a writer; I just never talk about it on my blog.

    I'm more of a novel writer, though. My short stories can't seem to stay short. :)


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