Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Alien Concept

If you try hard enough, there's no such thing as an alien concept.

In three hundred years, when we humans are making sapient designer species in labs to colonize those worlds we're too lazy to survive on, someone will have wrapped their minds around a lot of crazy stuff just by virtue of being born three hundred years from now. Well, not born in the traditional sense, but that's just reinforcing my point.

That's the real point of speculating, getting all the alien concepts out of the way so that you can apply them. It's evolution. Those folk who stood staring at fire because it was unfamiliar mostly died off when the forest burned around them. Those who watched from a safe distance then got a free meal but also learned how to cook it. Then they figured out how to control it and carry it around, and that's why Humanity was not eaten by a grue.

So, if an idea you write down scares you, find out why. Then write the reason down too. I'll be awaiting you on the next planet over.

There's no such thing as an alien concept on Earth.


I should have used this picture for the Romance post.

Instead, I'll let you imagine it's the ending of "Ostracon", Mesolithic Knight-Errantry and Courtly Love. It's at least the inevitable ending of all stories.

Except mine, of course, since I'll be living forever.

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