Friday, November 19, 2010

Invisible Goals

I'm not productive enough.

Even though by the standards of my friends and neighbors I'm a veritable dynamo (a DYNAMO, baby!), that's not really important. Those guys are obviously losers, or else they wouldn't like and/or live near me.

I set my own goals, and put them into two categories: Think Bigger & Think Better

My Think Bigger goals:

-I want to write a novel a month and a short story a week. I make a lot of free time that could be devoted to Writing, and volume, repetition and mind-boggling dedication has historically been the method to my madness.

-I want to have three girlfriends at the same time. That's always a good goal, and it would really help that first goal. I write a lot better when I can babble at a diverse (blonde, brunette, bisexual) group of people to generate ideas.

My Think Better goal:

-I want my three girlfriends to be friends with each other too. Nobody likes a catfight, ladies.

-In my continuing endeavor to Spell-Check and Submit It, I want to be able to dash off a short story in the three hours it should take to do that and then to be able to regularly say "I like it!" after reading it. So I'll be reading up on short story construction by the Old Masters (and some of the new ones too), then I'll just keep writing these short stories at speed until something clicks.

I'm not interested in polishing up a turd, I want to shit diamonds.


This is how I imagine the life of a very high-class hooker. It's the end of the day, she's tired out from reading all the latest fiction and brushing up on the business topics of interest to her next client, a wealthy industrialist, so that she can engage in witty repartee on the morrow during their tête-à-tête. She's using the fancy chair wrong, but it's oh so right.

Later, her client is murdered and she is framed for the killing. Can she evade her personal Javert while trying to find out who would kill a wealthy industrialist? Find out!

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long To Die"
Short Story "Ten Thousand Dollar Whore" - started
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. These are some high goals you're setting for yourself... I wonder which is the highest goal.

  2. We shall see. There's nothing like shooting for the moon and ending up amongst the stars.


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