Saturday, December 18, 2010

10 Hours a Week

My "goal", such as it is, is to write two short stories a week. This is not even close to being a full-time occupation, and shouldn't feel like it. Let's take a reasonable estimate and assume that a short story takes about five hours to write (That's the strength of short stories, they let you blast an idea out on the page and get it over with.) I should, by a reasonable standard, be writing 8 short stories every week. It's not like I don't have time.

With that preface, let's talk about GOALS. Goals, in my view, should be impossible. Plans, by their very nature, fail upon contact with the enemy, likewise should goals fail upon contact with reality. Much like plans, though, they should be so constructed that victory is possible even in failure. Simple, direct, well-sourced, and victory entirely under the control of the planners. If victory would require the other guys to be stupid, that's a bad plan. Likewise for me, Writer: If monetary success would require all other potential writers to work less hard than me, than I'm screwed. 

Fortunately, it's not too hard (or at least, it's simple). The only way forward is to work hard. I doubt I'll bust out eight stories a week first go, but I bet I could get at least four and half of the fifth. And once that's done, what's stopping me from getting five and half of the sixth? What indeed?

If I knew the answer to that question...

...well, there'd be one less question.


Right, yeah! Let's do this thing with the writing and the winning and the all the money! Whoo! There's nothing that can stop us now!

Wait, you want to do What? With the...ah.

Er...OK! (Whoo!)

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long to Die"
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  1. Nice post. Though I have to say I don't think it's wise to have "impossible" goals. I like Albert Einstein's definition best: "A goal easily achieved is not worth pursuing."

  2. Ok, ok...unlikely possible. 80% is OK. If perfection demands a revolution, but a reasonable offer is on the table...well, I don't want to give up my Artist Cred(tm) but let's just pretend a similar artist might have a turn of heart.


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