Sunday, December 19, 2010

Destined for the Churn

The Churn is, of course, what I call the total number of stories I have floating amongst the markets looking for a home, and I try to keep it as vigorous as possible. I try to have one new story ready to send out every week and I try to expedite the Churn using the SCIENCE! of statistics.

Recently, though, things got confused so I decided that my disorganized process of throwing things at the markets was wasting a lot of time and becoming a hassle, so I streamlined with safeguards. Here's the process:

Finish story, spell-check, write a cover letter.

Consult list of appropriate pro markets derived from Duotrope's Digest prepared in advance based on genre and average response time (see the bottom of the blog for examples for my most common genres).

Check the whiteboard (which I inexplicably do not have a picture of) to make sure nothing is untoward.

Note on the manuscript page and the story page on PBworks, "submitted to Market X on MM.DD.YYYY"

Make a new column in the Excel Spreadsheet and mark the appropriate market row with the date of submission. Input all that into Duotrope's Digest, to keep the statistics neat.

Submit the story, write something else.

If the submission is rejected, add "(rejected MM.DD.YYYY)" to the manuscript page, and change the text color of the Excel Spreadsheet date to red. Input it into Duotrope's. Then submit to the next market on the list, repeating the notations, until sold.

When sold and the check is deposited, change the text color of the spreadsheet date to green and buy a round at next week's poker night.

At the Casino Royale? OK!

Jack Daniel's is always appreciated. (Drunken, not stirred.)


Zot. Amongst my favorite onomatopoeia, seen here with a laser cow.

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  1. Well, my Internet connection just ate a really good comment.

    I'm sorry. It was a really good comment. I just can't recreate the conditions that gave rise to its greatness.


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