Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Send For The Clowns

I was writing my exciting Alien Invasion short story (q.v. The End Is Near) and I kept running into a common decision point: Goofy or Serious? (Which one is Fun here?)

So I thought and I thought, and eventually my mind supplied the solution: Hey, why don't I just write a "Goofy" Alien Invasion story and a "Serious" Alien Invasion story? In tandem, even, putting the Goofy decision path into one story and the Serious decision path into another until they finally branch off entirely and have their own adventures?

This was such an elegant solution that I figured I might as well write a really short blog post about it, thus solving the problem of proper tone forever.

You're welcome.


I'm still searching for a Steampunk story that is as interesting as the meta-concept of Steampunk itself. It's either that or I'll have to eventually figure out how to string together on my own the fun images I get when I contemplate Steampunk. I think it's because none of those images are ever characters, as opposed to designs for cool steam tanks that run on steam.

That's it! Sex!

250 words? Yes
Book "Lived Too Long to Die"
Short Story "Treachery Afoot"
Short Story "Treachery Effete"
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Reading - Why Do We Need to Predict the Future?
(New York Times)


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