Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

For 2011, I resolve:

-To write like the wind in a hurricane, hard and fast and never looking back to see the devastation I leave in my wake. If I achieve Two Million Words in a year, THEN I'll be happy and naught else shall soothe my failure! This storm will be remembered to the sixth generation.
-To get in as good shape physically as I am mentally. This is not a very difficult goal, unless I stop drinking for health reasons. That'd make it tougher.
-To keep the girlfriend happy, since she's really good at absorbing my Creati-babble
-To stop checking my sales stats so damn much, jeez. Either it's "Bad" or it's "Good...for now." Neither are very useful one way or the other. I'll check them every Pay Cycle, like a normal person should, or incidentally while I'm uploading new stuff, which is a fair reward.
-To stop being on the Internet so much, in furtherance of the above goals. I'll update this blog, read the e-magazines to keep my hand in the competition, and check out my blogroll. Then off I go.
-To become Rich Beyond The Dreams of Avarice. Because that's an awesome thing to say.
-To get a damn Kindle already, no matter what I said. It's close enough!
-To stop worrying and love my backstory, while expanding it daily.

Only 514 years to go...


Oh, I also resolve to learn some sort of computer programming, just in case I go back in time and get the chance to impress my dream girl in the hopes that she will give me her hand in marriage after a suitable period of seduction.


4000 words? Yes
Short Story "Cosmast Rhyt" finished, submitted (1/50)
- - - -


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