Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dang It

I'm still making the outline for "Fire in Khartoum". I suppose since it's the first time I've sat down to outline a whole book beforehand, I don't have the mental pathways set up to make it go fast. Dang new learning, with its new ways. Still, I swore an oath and it'll happen, dammit.

Meanwhile I'm writing a short story that's going to be awesome once I figure out the characters to go with the awesome, awesome setting and SF concepts. I want it to be my flagship contribution to the newly pro Weird Tales. I have four days ahead of me, so I think I can knock out this story, another story, probably one more story after that, and at least get halfway through this outline before then.

I'm having a wonderful time, dang it! How's it going with you?


You might notice the tiny ad box that graces the part of the blog where I had been putting up a tiny cover ad of my own. Well, it's from Project Wonderful, run by Ryan North (the Dinosaur Comics guy). Feel free to ignore it, it's unobtrusive, but there's three reasons why I'm doing this:

1. I want to see what happens. Part of this blog is learning about The Internet, and Project Wonderful ads are the only ones I have enough control over to bother with. Google AdSense is just distracting and lame, but I can reject any PW ad that I don't want, and it shows a default ad of my choosing when nobody has bid. (Also the payment is by time served, not by the click, which to my organized mind is a much better system.)

2. Now, I can say I've 'monetized' my 'content'. It pleases the little part of me that says "David, you're writing for free!", despite the fact that I get more value out of the blog than I put in. Really, I'm not anticipating a massive cash stream from this tiny ad, and any revenue would just go into putting a Project Wonderful ad up somewhere else.

3. My ulterior motive: that it's a lot more convenient to use the Project Wonderful interface to change the default ad I want to have in the space when nobody has bid on anything. Right now it's just a link to my Amazon author page, but I could make little 125x125 ads for each of my book covers and cycle them at the push of a button if I felt like it. That and the free ad I have at Critters is the extent of my 'promotion'.

So, if you feel like advertising your fiction, blog, webcomic, etc. on here, go for it. If not? Eh, it'll just advertise my stuff. If you do, and your blog has a Project Wonderful ad, I'd almost certainly be using your ad space (as per 2) for my ad with the money your ad gives me anyways.

Words? Yes
Short Story "Players of the Nuclear Theremin"
Short Story "DRAGON MARINES", thrill to the adventures of Cheroot Deborgious, human commander of dragons.
- - - -
Reading - ?



  1. Ah, outlining. So useful. So annoying.

    I just don't know what I think of outlining from one day to the next. I'm working on a "big text" right now that I'm not outlining because I am deliberating rebelling against outlines.

    Rebel yell! Committed to paper.

  2. Well, I can't really rebel against outlines yet, as I've never been ruled by them.

  3. I have been an obsequious subject all too often.


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