Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Fine Rut

I'm in a rut, but that's fine. I just need to dig the rut deeper, until it's a proper trench, a broad sunken avenue that leads directly to SUCCESSTROPOLIS by way of MOOLAH JUNCTION.

A typical day when I have no other obligations goes as follows:
6AM - I wake up half-lucid, and mess about on the Internet until my lucidity returns.
7AM - Morning Ablution followed by perambulation unto the shop to purchase the food of the day (cf: "Lazy Writer Cooks")
8AM - Final check, unplug the Internet! Move the laptop to the cool room and either Continue with whatever I was writing or Start the next thing.
10AM - Eat something while watching some movie/podcast/Internet whatever. Hands-free, have an hour or so. Often THINKING occurs here.
11AM - Write some more.
Sometime between 11AM and 1PM, whenever she's bored -  take a call from my girlfriend with some question or another. After resolving it, compliment her bottom, a fine bottom indeed and worthy of praise. Well done.
12AM - Eat something while watching (continuing?) some movie/podcast/Internet whatever. 1 Hour.
1PM - Continue Writing straight through.
Sometime in the afternoon - Eat something, 1 Hour Internet,
Sunset - move to the warm room, write some more.
8PM - Write a blog post, schedule it for 10PM. Sometimes accidentally post it early because forgot to change the schedule.
8PM-10PM - Write some more, try to finish the story or at least come up with the next two scenes for tomorrow. Add to the blog post anything that comes to mind.
10PM - Check blog post to make sure it doesn't suck.
After 10PM? Sometimes writing, sometimes Internet, sometimes movie. Often more complimenting of bottoms.

And then it's a fine rut indeed.


The results are about 10 hours for One (or sometimes Two) stories. I've started blasting 2000 word stories out to get the inspiration down so it doesn't interfere with the longer story I'm trying to finish that day. I don't know how that works, strategy-wise, but tactically it has produced "Sharia & The Gays" and "DRAGON MARINES".

Make up what you will.

Words? Yes
Short Story "An Aesop Amidst The Fairy Dust" - fantasy magic and the invention of fairy pizza.
Short Story "The Ten Thousand Dollar Whore" - atompunk by the hour
- - - -
Reading - ?


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  1. I'm in a rut too. I'm stressed on a variety of levels and feeling it my writing. Hope you're getting through yours - I'm late even catching up on blogs. /sigh


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