Tuesday, September 28, 2010


A post in which the exclamation point proves to be purely decorative.

"The Language of Ice Cubes" has had more 'on-screen' sex than other pieces I've written, for artistic reasons. How people have sex (broadly defined) says just as much about their relationship as whether they're having sex at all, and with more nuance. To bastardize Clausewitz: "Sex is Character Development by other means."

This is not to say that it's particularly raw, because describing the mechanics of sex with words is like describing the mechanics of a fight scene. It's counter-productive, rather dull, and isn't really necessary. The direct novelization of Ong-Bak would be really bad, is my point, because nobody wants to slog through more than a paragraph of "Then did Muay Thai Warrior raise his arm to deflect the assassin's kick and slam an elbow into the man's head, sending him flailing. Following up with a mighty kick, the warrior propelled the man off the top of the elephant temple, falling, falling to the ground in a piling crunch of crackling bones." blah blah blah., just watch the movie.

That is to say, unless The Details are meaningful to the character or the plot, I'll streamline it with some emotional prose to keep the story moving. Sex is in the same category as Violence and Swearing. When it's necessary to the story, I'll write it unabashedly, but when it's not, it's just distracting.  


I never got the sex talk or the sex ed class (for reasons best left unstated), so I had to figure it out on my own with the help of some very helpful people. This was probably for the best, because it's significantly more complicated than those lectures would apparently have you believe. Anyways, I've achieved Journeyman status, so it's now my duty to wander the Earth to hone my skill until I can contribute something original to the craft.

My thesis statement: Anyone worth doing is worth doing well.


Right, well, this little section is usually extraneous to the post, but I would very much like to express my enjoyment of the Pin-up genre of mild erotica. It doesn't get more classy that that, and for a bonus you sometimes escape with some Art. Artists have got to eat somehow, so we might as well all enjoy it.

Is it just me, or does she have way too many flowers in her hair?

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