Monday, September 27, 2010

Silly Ideas, Delicious Snacks

Ridiculous thoughts are tasty candy, and I'm eating them one after the other and then throwing them back up on the page. Which is the best introduction that "Bitsy Pollo: A Love Story", the tale of a world where cows eat humans but one chicken of the vegetarian working class has Moral Qualms, deserves. Also I accidentally synopsized it.

Bitsy Pollo,, she's a hero and she gets the girl in the end? The slave human girl who she teaches how to do simple maths and bathe herself? Damn, why aren't you all reading this Right Now, is what you're probably wondering.

Don't forget to enter the exciting Flash Fiction Orgy. Write a flash with the title "In Which There Is A Susurrus" and win the joy of!


It turns out that a lot of other people have what I like to call "hobbies". They've got whole worlds going on after their dull office job that they hate is over. Nobody would ever guess.

Me? I'm turning my hobbies into my dull office job. Hopefully I won't drown, but at least everybody will know what's under the surface when I do.

250 words? Yes
Flash "Bitsy Pollo, Save Us!"
- - - -
Reading - "Sharpe's Tiger" (Bernard Cornwell)



  1. Yeah, why aren't I reading this Right Now? That sounds genius!

    Props on the Cornwell. He's one of my favourite writers, especially for the Saxon Stories--since swords have always possessed, for me, more allure than bayonets or rifles.


  2. Of Cornwell, I've only ever read the Sharpe series. I like that Napoleonic Wars stuff, since it's its own sub-genre of historical fiction and all. I'm also preparing to write a historical fiction, albeit in a later era, so this counts as 'British Empire research'.

  3. Sounds like a good story. And I like the name.


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