Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unleash Your Creati-Babble

I work best when I have an intelligent but non-Creative person to listen to me fill the dead air of daily life with my reckless idea talk. I work problems and plots and schemes and theories and other out by talking them out on somebody else.

The discourse flies out of my brain and sticks in the air, floating through the currents of my babble-face wanderings and making a general nuisance of itself as idea accretions gather around it in the stream of consciousness. Finally it's large enough to be grasped, and like a rounded pebble can be skipped across the surface once, twice and again until it hits the other side and becomes a Plan.

Then things are really moving forward, and there's no stopping that kind of momentum.

So, my advice to you, Writer, is to find somebody and babble at them until you close in on an Idea.


Why do some rich people always seem so grumpy? Life experience and the entire course of human history has proven that money can indeed buy Happiness. Or you can sit around and complain about the declining quality of service amongst your country club manservants. Either way.

Get a job, no-hippy.

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  1. Your happiness ceases to increase proportionally to salary once you hit $75,000 per year.



  2. That's $250,000 in United States Dollars, sir. Because we're self-reliant.


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