Saturday, October 2, 2010

Into The Green, Day Four

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I like abstract art, and I like representational art. But some art just falls in the middle of those two, and thus Sucks. This brings us tenuously around to the Uncanny Valley theory of robotics. I think robots should embrace their identity as robots and stop trying to dress up like their human masters. You've got a culture, robots, be all shiny and metal (or green and leafy or made of clockwork and steam) and be happy. 

This isn't a call to segregation, just a call to quit creeping us squishy humans out with your unnecessary pseudo-flesh. C'mon! 

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  1. Interesting thought, but what about 'imitation is the greatest form of flattery'? Even in religious circles humans are created in God's image (depending on what you believe of course), and even in school, work there are those who strive to appeal to the teacher/boss/leader in order to gain approval. It seems very human of those robots to try and appeal to our sentiments.

  2. Sure, sure. But nobody likes a suck-up. Even if it's a Roomba.

  3. I'm a bit more worried about robots becoming so lifelike they start replacing us, one by one...


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