Monday, October 11, 2010


Earth is pretty neat, and not just because I live here.

Thanks to bad TV scifi series, it's hard for me to imagine another world without trees, even if I can imagine a world without humans (or equivalent aliens). I mean, what's a world coming to without some form of flying critter to squawk at the camera while perching on the branches of some sort of tree-analog. Perhaps giant mushrooms and a red sky peppered with a thousand friendly moons? Yes, that pleases me.

Still, the topic is Earth! and we're sticking with it, no matter how mundane (har!) it is.

And no, I'm not playing "Baba Yetu" as a passive-aggressive whine about how I'm not able to play Civilization V. This time.


I just don't see why Earth isn't like this already. What's taking us so long to really get organized and build a proper society, full of punks and utilizing the energy of every human being to that most awesome of ends: Being Awesome.

Once we've got this sort of thing going on it'll be time to construct the Human Empire and get History moving already. Faster, faster!

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